Differential pressure gauge with electrical contact type_P650 series

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Differential pressure gauge with electrical contact type_P650 series

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Detailed Introduction

Service intended

The P650 series are designed to measure a differential pressure from 25 kPa to 2.0 MPa at static pressure up to 10 MPa, and have electrical contact. A set of two stainless steel bellows mounted on a force balance allows direct reading of the actual differential pressure. These models are designed to control and alarm for a differential pressure.

Nominal diameter 160 mm
Accuracy ±1.0 % of full scale
±1.6 % of full scale
Scale range (MPa, kPa, bar, mbar) 0 ~ 25 kPa to 0 ~ 0.25 MPa (P651 model)
0 ~ 0.4 MPa to 0 ~ 2.0 MPa (P652 model)
Static pressure Max. 10 MPa
Working temperature Ambient : -20 ~ 65 °C
Fluid : Max. 100 °C
Degree of protection EN60529/IEC529/IP65
Temperature effect Accuracy at temperature above and below the reference temperature (20 ℃) will be effected by approximately
±0.5 % per 10 ℃ of full scale

Standard features

Pressure connection Stainless steel (316SS), Monel and Hastelloy-C
Element Bellows
Stainless steel (316L SS), Monel and Hastelloy-C
Case Stainless steel (304SS)
Bezel ring Stainless steel (304SS) Bayonet type
Window Polycarbonate
Dial White aluminium with black graduations
Pointer Black painted aluminium alloy
Conduit connection M20 x 1.5
Process connection ¼" NPT(F)
½" NPT(F) at 3-way and 5-way manifold valve
Standard accessories Mounting bracket for 2" pipe
mounting with silver gray finished steel
Certificates Pressure equipment directive (2014/68/EU) Annex III Module H
Option ■ Remote seal
■ Mounting bracket with 316SS for 2" pipe mounting
■ 3-way manifold valve (316SS, Monel)
■ 5-way manifold valve (316SS, Monel)


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