Dead weight tester (UP to 10 MPa)_P910, P911 series

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Dead weight tester (UP to 10 MPa)_P910, P911 series

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Detailed Introduction

Service intended

These series are designed to be used for gauge calibration. Operating range of these series is available up to 10 Mpa. It is designed to perform the tasks such as setting, testing, and repairing pressure measurement.

Dimensions Base 186 mm (W) x 275 mm (H) x 286 mm (D) Excluding hand wheel
Color Black
Reservoir These series have a centrally isolated mounting valve and a transparent cover which can be sealed in order that tester is moved without oil leakage.
Screw pump The use of a large diameter ram eliminates the need for a priming pump.
Accuracy 0.04 %
Piston cylinder unit The tester is fitted with an oil reservoir, this is linked to the piston cylinder unit.
A stop valve is provided to prevent excessive pressure driving the piston out of the cylinder.

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