Integral flow orifice assembly_F510

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Integral flow orifice assembly_F510

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Detailed Introduction


Integral orifice primary element utilizes a self centering orifice plate design to eliminate installation error. Enables highly accurate flow measurement in small line sizes. Available with a variety of process connections. Available in ½" to 1½" (15 ~ 40 mm) line sizes.

Principle ● Improves accuracy and repeatability
● Self-centering plate design eliminates installation errors that are magnified in small line sizes
● Precision honed pipe sections allow accuracy of up to ±0.75% of flow rate
● Installation flexibility with numerous process connections


Line size Liquid : ½" (15 mm)
Gas : 1" (25 mm)
Steam : 1½" (40 mm)
● Maximum working pressure : Pressure retention per ANSI B16.5 600 Lb or DIN PN100
Orifice plate 316SS / 316L SS
Alloy C-276
Alloy 400
Body 316SS (CF8M), Material per ASTM A351
Pipe material (If applicable) A312 Gr 316SS / 316L SS
B622 UNS N10276
Alloy C-276
Flange A182 Gr 316SS / 316L SS
SB-564 UNS N10276
Alloy C-276
● Flange pressure limits are per ANSI B16.5
Flange face finish per ANSI B16.5, 125 to 250 RMS
Body bolts / Studs ASTM A 193 Gr B8M studs
Gaskets / O-rings Glass filled PTFE
Orifice type Square edge-orifice bore sizes
Transmitter connections 2⅛" (54 mm) center to center.
Other transmitter spacing can be accommodated using the optional remote adapters and customer supplied impulse piping. DIN 19213 connections are available
Note Integral orifice bodies contain corner tapped pressure


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