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Venturi cone_F750

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Detailed Introduction


Venturi cone is an innovative flowmeter which offers the ability to measure a differential pressure and a flow rate. Venturi cone offers better accuracy, variety of ranges, flexible installation, and requires less maintenance. The key benefit of venturi cone is the unique design, the ability to provide a repeatable accuracy up to 0.5 % of rate under the most harsh flow conditions. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of reynolds numbers. Venturi cone offers an exceptional sizing flexibility, such as diameter ½ ~ 120". Venturi cone assures a casting performance, with no moving parts to be replaced. Additionally, the contoured shape of the cone directs the flow without impacting the abrupt surface.


Accuracy From ±0.5 % of actual flow (Certain fluids and reynolds number applications require special calibrations to achieve this value.)
Repeatability ±0.1 % or better
Flow ranges 10:1 and greater
Standard beta ratios 0.45 through 0.80, special betas available
Head loss Varies with beta ratio and DP
Installation piping requirements Typically 0 ~ 3 diameters upstream and 0 ~ 1 diameters downstream of the cone are required, depending on fittings valves in the adjacent pipeline
Materials of construction include Duplex SS, 304SS or 316SS
Hastelloy C-276
Carbon steels
Special materials on request
Line sizes 0.5 ~ 120" or larger
End fittings Flanged, threaded, hub or weld-end standard.
Others on request
Configurations Precision flow tube


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