Temperature recorder (Case compensation system)_T930

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Temperature recorder (Case compensation system)_T930

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Detailed Introduction

Service intended

This recorder provides a single pen and 200 mm circular chart recorder with the function of measurement and recording. It is suitable for hazardous environment such as gas or chemical process.

Nominal diameter 246 (W) x 271 mm (H)
Accuracy ±2.0 % of full scale
Measuring system (SAMA class ⅢB) Organic gas : 0 ~ 200 °C
Inert gas : -200 ~ 700 °C
Working range Maximum scale value

Standard features

Location of stem and mounting Bottom connection, surface, case mounting
Cover ALDC
Capillary Capillary : 1.6/0.2 mm, 316SS
Armored tube : 7.5/5.5 mm, 304SS
Window Acrylic resin
Chart drive Spring wound type
24 hours or 168 hours (7 days) rotation
Chart paper 200 mm circular
Mounting Surface
Stem 8.0, 10.0 and 12.0 mm
316SS and 316L SS
Stem, process connection ⅜", ½", ¾" PT, NPT and PF


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