General type stator winding RTD_R830 series

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General type stator winding RTD_R830 series

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Detailed Introduction

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The purpose of the stator winding RTD is to mainly detect and prevent overheating of motors. It is inserted between a stator and a slot to measure a temperature. Stator winding RTD uses the phenomenon of changing electric resistance to measure a temperature. Since it has high stability and sensitivity, it is used to measure a temperature precisely. Furthermore, it is made of a nonmetallic material, and, therefore, it has a structure of protecting element. It is designed well enough to get flexibility and to endure vibration and high pressure.

Standard features

Body material High temperature epoxy glass
Temperature limit Class F : 155 ℃ (311 ℉)
Class H : 180 ℃ (356 ℉)
Lead wires 3 wire or 4 wire, copper, AWG #22 (With FEP or polyimide insulation)
Ambient temperature Tamb = -50 ~ 180 ℃
Working temperature -50 ~ 180 ℃

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