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Density monitoring system_P580 series


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Density monitoring system_P580 series

Density monitoring system_P580 series


Service intended

P580 series are designed to monitor the gas density of closed SF6 tank (for switchgear). It is capable of the measuring real time status of SF6 gas density. These series are equipped with the relay contact which has the three configurable independent units to sense and measure the instantaneous pressure rise.

Display Analog indicator, operation and alarm status LED
Accuracy ±1.0 % at ambient temperature +20 °C (Indicator)
±2.5 % at ambient temperature -20 °C / +60 °C (Indicator)
±0.25 % at ambient temperature 0 °C ~ +50 °C (Current output)
Scale range -0.1 ~ 0.1 MPa to -0.1 ~ 1.2 MPa
Working temperature Ambient : -20 ~ 65 °C (Gas phase)
Storage : -50 ~ 60 °C maximum
System configuration HART communication
Degree of protection EN60529/IEC529/IP67

Standard features


Pressure connection Stainless steel (316SS)
Element Stainless steel (316SS) C-type bourdon tube
Case and cover Stainless steel (304SS) Bayonet type
Window Safety glass
Movement Stainless steel (304SS)
Bimetal link (Temperature compensation)
Pointer Black painted aluminium alloy
Process connection G½"
Helium leak rate Tested to confirm leakage rates of less than 10-8  mbar.L/sec


Standard features


Input power and current consumption 12 ~ 36 V DC input, Max. 60 mA@DC 24 V
Display Operating and alarm status LED
Parameter input HART configurator
Output Current output (4 ~ 20 mA, DC)
One instantaneous pressure rising alarm relay Three pressure limit alarm relay
Relay contact rate Contact resistance : Max. 70MΩ
Contact rating : 2 A 30 VDC, 0.5 A 125 DC (Res.load)
Max switching voltage : 220 VDC / 250 VAC
Max switching power : 60 W / 62.5 VA

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