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Two - color type level gauge L500, L510


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Two - color type level gauge L500, L510

Two - color type level gauge L500, L510


Features of two colors water level gauge

■ Distinct water level
The water level is markedly distinct and confirmed from far distance since an illuminator is fitted at the rear of water level gauge by which visible surface is separated into two section, one is red-steam space, and another green-boiler water.

■ Correct water level is indicated
As the two-color separation is based on the principle of optical science, normal water level can be indicated always even in an instantaneous variance of water level.

■ Remote observation possible
The water level appeared on the visible surface can be transferred to the operation (Control) room by fitting several reflex mirrors (To the most convenient place for an operator to watch). As the most improved method, television observation is utilized, therefore, we have also researched and developed those water level gauges suitable for television observation and obtained good experimental results by changing filter glass of two colors (Red and green) and employed in great numbers.

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